Explore approaches to set styles from parent to a child component

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Angular provides a mechanism to encapsulate component CSS styles into the component’s view without affecting the rest of the application. This approach has many advantages but also cause a common problem that many developers encountered.

The Problem

Let’s say that we have a parent component which includes a child component.


Anything that you can iterate over in .NET implements IEnumerable

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As two of the very old programming concepts that are implemented in most languages nowadays, this guide helps you have a better understanding of the generic IEnumberable and IEnumberator interfaces.


What Is Iterator Design Pattern

Gof definiton:

Provides a way to traverse the elements of an aggregate object without exposing the underlying representation.

An aggregate…

Manage your data flow well in an enterprise Angular app

Developers usually go for training or have budget to engage consultants because they probably are doing something complex rather than something simple. Here we are going to talk about the problems we experienced and that our customers experience when building big and complex projects.

Angular state management
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What is state in an application?

It turns out over time that…

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Before diving into the sharing operators, it’s necessary to know the subjects.

Multicasting is the word used to describe a scenario in which numerous observers receive each notification produced by a single observable. Whether an observable is capable of multicasting is determined by whether it is hot or cold.

Hot and cold observables


Learn why and how to use Scalable Vector Graphics, as well as how to create and apply them.

Icons have become an indelible and fundamental aspect of UI design in the modern web. Icons appear on practically every website and app on the internet, from navigation menus to social network icons, symbols, and indicators, and their popularity shows no signs of decreasing anytime soon. As a result, every…

These interview questions range from basic to advanced .Net Core, and will assist you in preparing for interviews, revising quickly, and strengthening your technical skills.

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According to the Stackoverflow Survey 2020,.NET and.NET Core are the second and third most popular frameworks and libraries, respectively. It is frequently the first programming language that programmers learn after understanding OOPs ideas. A variety of factors contribute to the success, NET’s one of which is the stack-layered design. You…


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