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Anything that you can iterate over in .NET implements IEnumerable

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As two of the very old programming concepts that are implemented in most languages nowadays, this guide helps you have a better understanding of the generic IEnumberable and IEnumberator interfaces.


What Is Iterator Design Pattern

Gof definiton:

Provides a way to traverse the elements of an aggregate object without exposing the underlying representation.

An aggregate…

Manage your data flow well in an enterprise Angular app

Developers usually go for training or have budget to engage consultants because they probably are doing something complex rather than something simple. Here we are going to talk about the problems we experienced and that our customers experience when building big and complex projects.

Angular state management
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What is state in an application?

It turns out over time that…

A summary of PowerShell knowledge that could help you start up quickly

There are many good reasons why developers should learn and know how to use PowerShell. As it comes with a bit of a learning curve, this article can help you to understand the common usages.

Run a Script

To run a script, open a PowerShell window and type:

> ./test.ps1

cmdlet vs function

  • A cmdlet is…

Another way to read data from the configuration data

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Options Pattern Introduction

Options pattern is a flexible configuration data management way that enables us to use strongly typed configurations. It uses classes to bind groups of related configurations. We can inject these classes via dependency injection with IOptions<T> to include only the part that we need.

This pattern satisfies two main and…

Explain what is nameof and the common used cases

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By using the nameof operator, we can easily get the name of a class, method, or variable. It simply returns a string.

It’s commonly used when we want to reuse the name of a property. There are numeric cases where we would want to have the name of the property…

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Now, many times the developers need to work in different environments, such as schema, staging, release, QA, and production. When we test or debug on code in a specific environment, we usually need to modify some code to connect to the different environments like the database connection string or signal…

An aggregation of git commands I used day to day

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I have documented some commonly used git commands that I use on a regular basis. This is not an exhaustive list but more of some I used in my daily development.

They are ordered just based on my daily development when I opened my laptop. 😀

  1. switch to a branch:

Knowing the handy usages of Tuples in C# can make your programming a lot easier

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Why We Need the Tuples

It’s easy for a function to return a single value, such as a string function returns a string while an integer function returns an integer. Before the occurrence of the C# Tuples type, it’s not easy to return multiple values of different types from a single method. …

The Karma failed to capture a full chrome for testing

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We recently encountered a build failure when running the client unit tests with Karma Runner on Teamcity, after the chrome version of our work laptop was upgraded to V93.

I will give some background of our client project. …

Explains why we should care about our code copyright and how to do this easily with Visual Studio

Why does everybody write the copyright notice on the top of a source file? Especially large IT corporations, always insist to add copyright notice in their source code. Here will explain why it is so important and furtherly will show how to do this easily to your codebase.

From Wikipedia…


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